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WHAT’S ON IN ROME: A spasso per la Regina delle vie: l’Appia antica.

La “Regina Viarum” su due ruote o a piedi, ripercorrendo gli itinerari che facevano i carri romani lungo la Via Appia Antica
Durata: 2 ore e 30 minuti circa Considerata sin dall’antichità la “Regina di tutte le strade”, la Via Appia Antica, voluta dal censore Appio Claudio Cieco nel 312 a.C., trasportava soldati, carri, merci e pellegrini verso i territori a sud di Roma. Una passeggiata lungo questa strada, che ha visto miliardi di persone percorrerla, sarà un’esperienza unica nella vostra vita: avrete la possibilità di visitare un Parco archeologico e naturalistico unico al mondo. Si (more…)

WHAT’S ON IN ROME: Portaportese , the market of Rome.

Portaportese Sunday market is the largest and most famous of the capital. It stretches from Via Portuensis to Via Ippolito Nievo, reaching up to Viale Trastevere and of course the square from which it takes its name , place of Portaportese . One of those places that , due to the massive turnout , can boast hardworking illegal parking. Like any self-respecting market opens very early , around 6:00 , then unmount all around 14:00. Portaportese is so big and diverse that you can find everything from used clothes and new sandwiches with sausage and (more…)

WHAT’S ON IN ROME: playing with Orlando Ambra Jovinelli

  “We turned the poem of Ariosto in a continuous verbal game , with many of the narrative breaks , interruptions made ​​of teasing and physical disputes , with a succession of records serious , ironic , dramatic , burlesque , tragic , poetic . The Madness of Orlando for the beautiful Angelica is and how, but we will derive a challenge giullaresca , at times a duel divertitamente mummer , where there is room for the love of the Christian warrior Bradamante for the Saracen knight Roger, and there is no room for monsters, (more…)

WHAT’S ON IN ROME: archimedes. The Art and Science of the invention

The Capitoline Museums are home to one of the most comprehensive exhibitions on the figure of Archimedes, genius of the third century BC. The exhibition reveals the many aspects of the brilliant scientist from Syracuse illustrating the extraordinary contribution their investigations and inventions have made for the knowledge of the ancient world and the centuries to come.   WHERE Capitoline Museums, Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Caffarelli   HOURS From May 31 2013 to January 12, 2014. Tuesday-Sunday 9:00 to 20:00 The ticket office closes one hour before   INFO [ get viagra drug (more…)

WHAT’S ON IN ROME: 110, the bus that takes you to journey through the history of Rome.

More than just a tour of a real time travel. The 110 is in fact the special bus with 2 floors of the shipping service Municipal Tramway that in little more than 2 hours you will visit the most characteristic sites of Rome , the stages unmissable, in short, the must to see the eternal city. Certainly it is not possible to know the capital  in such a short time but it is a good way to get an overview of the city, especially for those with limited time available. The line is working 7 (more…)

WHAT’S ON IN ROMA: Rome international film festival 2013 The eighth edition of the International Rome Film Festival will take place from 8 to 17 November 2013 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. All the rooms of the Auditorium, for a total of over four thousand seats will be available to the Festival. For ten days, therefore, the structure designed by Renzo Piano will be the point of reference for all movie fans and not just by hosting screenings, exhibitions, events, conferences and debates. The 1300 square meters of the avenue that leads to the Cavea will be transformed into one of the (more…)

WHAT’S ON IN ROME: Holloween in town

zombies, vampires or sexy nurse? What is your costume for Halloween? Dare as well, to be extreme Muccassassina is a must. In addition, for the weekend of Halloween there is a double evening to multiply the fun!   Muccassassina there every Friday at the disco Qube. Portonaccio Street, 212 [ viagra online consultation | canadian generic viagra online | viagra clone | generic pack viagra | cialis diarrhea | how to get cialis in canada | buying viagra with no prescription | generic viagra | herbal alternatives to viagra | viagra pill | viagra (more…)

The Augusto exibition.

Organized in one of the most picturesque locations in Rome, the stables of the Quirinale, the exhibition was staged on the occasion of the two thousandth anniversary of the death (August 19, 14 AD) of Emperor Augustus . The exhibition presents the stages of the dazzling personal history of Augustus in parallel to the emergence of a new historical epoch. Adopted son and great-grandson of Caesar, Augustus was a character with tremendous charisma and political intuition . He succeeded where even Caesar had failed, to put an end to decades of bloody infighting that had (more…)

simply Wonderfool

Walking down the Street of Banchi Nuovi, in the heart of Renaissance, at number 39 you wil find a seventeenth-century cloister after which, the Wonderfool will there to welcome you:  the ideal place to retreat in for a massage, beauty treatments, a sauna or even just for a coffee or read a newspaper in peace. You can browse through the stories of passion and quality of selected products around the world. From the collections of emerging designers to the production of tailored suits and shirts tailored, from the most refined creations of perfume craft to (more…)

WHAT’S ON IN ROME: Cleopatra back to Rome

The Egyptian Museum of Turin , the Vatican Museums and the Capitoline Museums . And yet the British Museum in London, the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna and many other museums have joined forces offering prestigious pieces to make one of the most beautiful and spectacular exhibitions of the year. Cleopatra back to Rome after 13 years , the last major exhibition dedicated to the Queen of Egypt dates back to 2000. Sign of the enthusiasm that Cleopatra , even today, is capable of arousing . Two thousand years after (more…)

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