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Be MY Be First: MNAO

The Far East is not that far away, so it’s no more than a 10 minute walk from our B & B. Lose yourself in the wonders of art exhibited in the MNAO, the National Museum of Oriental Art in Rome. To find out how, where and when you go on their official website.   [ women use viagra | when was viagra discovered | uses of viagra | viagra for women | cialis refractory | cyalis levitra sales viagra | cialis samples | pharmaceuticals female viagra | h h order script viagra | herbal (more…)

BE MY FIRST: The Esquilino market, all the flavors of the world here in Rome.

  A short walk from our B & B is the new market Esquilino located in the former barracks Sani which can be accessed from four inputs : via Principe Amedeo , via Mamiani , via Turati , Via La Marmora (with two parking options : the underground under the market and the ES PARKING  next to the hotel and the Radisson ) . Chinese noodles and soy sauces , meats and meat Romanians , vegetables unpronounceable names as Tapashi and Cassua , spices from all corners of the world and rice of all shapes, (more…)

BE MY BE FIRST: the history of the Roman Aquarium

Very few vintage pictures show us today as it was supposed to be the Roman Aquarium in that distant May 29, 1887, the day of his inauguration. They are in fact took only just over a hundred years to clear in the unique history of this building the memory of its original appearance, as a valuable building with a charming little garden , designed together with aquarium fish breeding in plant and gathering place for the masses of the emerging middle class of the new district of the Esquiline. The image of the interior room (more…)

BE MY BE FIRST: The Temple of Minerva Medica

1500 loan with bad credit The building is actually not a temple, as it was mistakenly believed for a long time, but a monumental hall within the precincts of a luxurious residence that occupied the area where now is the church of Santa Bibiana and Porta Maggiore probably corresponding to the complex of Licinian. Until the mid-sixteenth century, the building was deemed entitled to the adopted sons of Augustus, Gaius and Lucius Caesar or to Hercules. According to some historians the confusion that did identify the pavilion as a “temple ” dates back to the (more…)

BE MY BE FIRST: Esquilino area

The etymology of the name Esquilino, the highest of the seven hills, is uncertain perhaps derives from the Latin name Esquilinus that most likely draws its origins from the word AEXCULI, holm oak shrubs, dear to Jove, that covered the hill. Between the ninth and seventh centuries BC the Esquiline became the area dedicated to burials: only with Augustus turned into a ‘ high quarter ‘: luxurious villas began to arise, like that of Maecenas and Licinius, and to be traced major communication routes. The district which, until the Middle Ages, it was considered a (more…)