WHAT’S ON IN ROME: A spasso per la Regina delle vie: l’Appia antica.

La “Regina Viarum” su due ruote o a piedi, ripercorrendo gli itinerari che facevano i carri romani lungo la Via Appia Antica
Durata: 2 ore e 30 minuti circa Considerata sin dall’antichità la “Regina di tutte le strade”, la Via Appia Antica, voluta dal censore Appio Claudio Cieco nel 312 a.C., trasportava soldati, carri, merci e pellegrini verso i territori a sud di Roma. Una passeggiata lungo questa strada, che ha visto miliardi di persone percorrerla, sarà un’esperienza unica nella vostra vita: avrete la possibilità di visitare un Parco archeologico e naturalistico unico al mondo. Si (more…)

La scarichi e ti carichi di cultura: MiC Roma

Per scaricare l’applicazione gratuita MiC Roma per iPhone e smartphone Android dei Musei in Comune Roma basta andare su: iPhone Android L’applicazione permette agli utenti di consultare le informazioni ufficiali ed aggiornate in tempo reale su tutte le attività mostre, eventi e didattica (in corso e in programma) dei 20 musei civici del circuito Musei in Comune di Roma in italiano e in inglese, semplice da utilizzare caratterizzata da un buon livello di approfondimento contenutistico accompagnato da una grafica accattivante. Un’unica applicazione per l’intera rete che svolge funzione di raccordo e di coordinamento della realtà (more…)

WHAT’S ON IN ROME: Portaportese , the market of Rome.

Portaportese Sunday market is the largest and most famous of the capital. It stretches from Via Portuensis to Via Ippolito Nievo, reaching up to Viale Trastevere and of course the square from which it takes its name , place of Portaportese . One of those places that , due to the massive turnout , can boast hardworking illegal parking. Like any self-respecting market opens very early , around 6:00 , then unmount all around 14:00. Portaportese is so big and diverse that you can find everything from used clothes and new sandwiches with sausage and (more…)

ROME SIGHTSEEING: the eclectic style of the neighborhood Coppedé.

In the heart of Rome, a stone’s throw from the historic center is one of the most characteristic districts of the city. In fact not a real neighborhood, but a corner of Rome featured unexpected and bizarre, a fantastic mix of art Nouveau , Art Deco , with infiltration of Greek art , Gothic, Baroque and even medieval. Let’s talk about Coppedè , a complex of 26 buildings and 17 villas located between the Via Salaria and the Nomentana. An ” arch ” that connects the two richly decorated palaces of the ambassadors, from which (more…)

ROME SIGHTSEEING: The illusion of Borromini

Our capital is perhaps the most beautiful city in the world, with an unparalleled artistic and archaeological heritage, and the more we think we know his secrets , his hidden alleys or the oldest stories that have made it so charming, the more we discover which still has many mysteries. One of them is concealed in the Palazzo Spada, near Piazza Farnese and Campo de ‘ Fiori, where a sworn enemy of the architect Bernini, Francesco Borromini , has created between 1652 and 1653 the Perspective Gallery . The Palazzo Spada is extremely interesting not (more…)

ROME SIGHTSEEING: who was Garbatella?

Since February 18 1920, ” the august hand of His Majesty King Vittorio Emanuele III” has laid the foundation stone in the township garden that starting in the mid- ’30s took the name of Garbatella , a legend ascribes the origin to a young hostess ‘ Garbata and Beautiful ‘. A legend ‘ commoner ‘ perfect for a new township (190 apartments in 40 buildings surrounded by green ) was born as a settlement worker behind the nascent industrial area , but also as a fishing village in the service of a river port on (more…)


The Savoy Stables , located within the complex of the Quirinal in large Fabricated built by the architect. Antonio Cipolla in 1874 are preserved specimens of the most representative collection of carriages . The teams took the court of Savoy replaced the stables were built on the Quirinal by the popes in the eighteenth century became too small. It was decided to build a large building in the shape of an “L ” that came to define the entire north-western border of the complex of the Quirinal. The new building was large enough to contain (more…)

WHAT’S ON IN ROME: playing with Orlando Ambra Jovinelli

  “We turned the poem of Ariosto in a continuous verbal game , with many of the narrative breaks , interruptions made ​​of teasing and physical disputes , with a succession of records serious , ironic , dramatic , burlesque , tragic , poetic . The Madness of Orlando for the beautiful Angelica is and how, but we will derive a challenge giullaresca , at times a duel divertitamente mummer , where there is room for the love of the Christian warrior Bradamante for the Saracen knight Roger, and there is no room for monsters, (more…)

Ancient Aperitif : Recipes of ancient Rome

You enter into a mansion and traveling through the rooms of an ancient patrician residence of the third century AD For the occasion, this will come to life in an exciting guided walk among the frescoes, mosaics and nymphs. A path on the time line that will take you gradually back into history, absorbed in ancient legends and myths, to forget all about being in the twenty-first century. At this point the owner of the ancient Domus has already laden tables and you’ll be ready to participate in what the Romans called comissatio, that is (more…)


  FIRST DAY From the Vatican to the Spanish Steps San Pietro – Castel Sant’Angelo – Piazza Navona – Pantheon – Piazza di Spagna Our itinerary starts from the huge square in front of the Basilica of St. Peter, the symbol of Christianity par excellence. Well worth the stop and visit the basilica that houses the majestic 29 meters high bronze baldachin by Bernini , Michelangelo’s Pieta , the tomb of Clement XIII by Canova and the mosaic of Giotto Navicella . Remember to wear appropriate clothing , people with pants or short skirts and (more…)

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